Lightning Protection Consultancy

Lightning is a natural event with an immense destructive capability, but with the correct lightning protection design your structure can be protected from damage.

Direct strikes can cause structural damage, destroy electrical installations and present a risk to life. Even the pulse generated from a nearby strike can be sufficient to disturb and damage the operation of electronic systems. Nevertheless protective measures can be used to mitigate the effects of even a direct strike.

Our lightning protection consultancy service gives you access to expertise that will reduce the vulnerability of buildings, valuable installations and implement optimum levels of protection.

  • Structural lightning protection system (LPS) design
  • Electrical LPS Surge protection design
  • Assessment of the vulnerability of existing structures and electrical systems to lightning protection damage.
  • Risk assessment to BS EN62305
  • Standards compliance advice
  • Design review
  • Code of practice development
  • In excess of 125 years expertise in protection over a multitude of buildings and structures.

We are highly skilled and experienced in theprotection of historical properties. Historical properties present a particular challenge due to their inherent age, materials used and their monetary and heritage value. We have surveyed a large number of historical properties and provided advice on the lightning risks, and the inclusion of lightning protection compatible with aesthetics. In many cases the requirement was driven by an actual case of lightning strike, and in others by insurance concerns.

Bacon Ltd has experience in conducting risk assessments in accordance BSEN62305 to establish the need for existing and new lightning protection on structures and electrical systems. Examples include oil refineries, residential buildings, substations, data centres, water treatment works, manufacturing sites and pharmaceutical works.

With existing installations the risk assessment has often involved a site survey whereas with new installations design drawings and specifications are often sufficient for the assessment. Standards compliance of existing designs and designs proposed by their consultants on new installations has concerned a number of clients.

In these cases we have been happy to apply our expertise and knowledge of BSEN 62305 to provide solutions for design adherence as well as real world practicality.

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