Residential Lightning Protection

More recently homeowners are becoming aware of the need to protect their homes from a lightning strike.

Increases in the number of enquiries for lightning protection systems can be attributed to a number of factors including; the increase of underground utilities and the location of homes, the increase in valuable electronic equipment in the home and the increased focus for health and safety of homeowners ,their families and the devastation that can be caused.

Structural and electrical damage to residential homes can be prevented by a properly designed Lightning Protection System. Our team are highly skilled and trained professionals designing, installing and certifying comprehensive lightning protection systems.

A lightning protection system protects the structure of a home and provides a direct path to ground for the lightning to flow,  keeping homeowners and their property safe from lightning.

Surge Protection

A surge is an increase in electrical current due to a lightning strike this can be a direct strike on or near a power line or utility service. Surge protection is installed at the main electrical incoming supply to prevent the entrance of over-voltages which can cause electrical damage and fire.  Additional devices may be needed to protect other in-house electronics such as Tv aerials, satellite dishes, phone lines any cable based service entering the home.

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