Fall Arrest System Testing

With over 120 years experience of working at height we are now introducing a new service to our portfolio, of installation, re-certification and maintenance of all fall arrest and rope access eyebolts.

All fall arrest equipment permanently installed or otherwise must be regularly tested and inspected to comply with the Work at Height regulations and HSE recommendations, Many insurance companies require proof of inspection for installed fall arrest and abseil equipment before issuing certificates.

Certificate Requirements

  • Eyebolt Testing Inspection
  • Fully trained competent personnel
  • Inspections Reports issued for all equipment tested
  • All testing equipment supplied
  • Testing and inspections are performed in accordance with current legislation and British Standards
  • Eyebolt Installation

Should you require installation of fall arrest or rope access eyebolts, Bacons is able to supply a wide range to suit you application. We will liaise with you to discuss the appropriate number, type and position of eyebolts required to fulfil your safety and access requirements

Following the initial installation and test, the eyebolts must be annually inspected and tested by a competent and qualified person to ensure they are in a safe working condition in accordance with section 12 BS 7883:2005.

All our teams are equipped with the highest quality Hydrajaws® testing equipment which is maintained and returned to the manufacturer yearly for calibration. Specialist tester adaptors can be used for difficult to reach or poorly positioned eyebolts.

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